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Hey guys!

I think it must have been quite a while since I last going on vacation. Is it last year or the year before or the last five years? Really got no idea. Huhu. With my packed schedule and work-loads, yeah I sure can use some vacation. Going to someplace secluded and sleep sounds great right now..  I love sleeping in a hotel rooms, don't know why, haha.

Okay, enough about me. Need to stahp before I got carried away blabbing about the series of unfortunate events in my life. I'm not gonna bored you to death with a long post of what happen in my life because today I want to share something exclusive with my dearest readers, especially for those adventurous travelers and backpackers.

But first, I want to ask you something. Do you ever go through hassles just to book a ticket flight? Or going to numerous websites to get better deals in hotel accommodation? Or maybe you wanna travel for the first time and don't know where to go or what to do? Or do you prefer make payment using local online banking service instead of credit card? (this is basically me, hoho).

Fret not ma petite cherie,
Traveloka got them all!
What is Traveloka?
  • Traveloka is a one-stop flight and hotel booking platform for domestic and international destinations that makes searching, booking and managing your next trip hassle-free
  • You can book your next flight or hotel using Traveloka’s free app or website 
  • Convenience in booking
  • Get the best flight and hotels deals for your next trip all in one platform
  • Value for money
  • Honest price only at Traveloka - all prices you see on search results are Final Price. No hidden charges - what you see what is what you get.
Oh yeah I can feel that your eyes are prick up a little (since you are reading, not hearing, lol). Now that I've got your attention, I guess it is the right time to drop the good news; lo and behold.. Traveloka are launching a Sale-abration campaign!

What is SALE-ABRATION campaign?
  • The Traveloka Sale-abration is an online travel fair brought to you by Traveloka offering amazing flight and hotel deals across a wide variety of domestic and international destinations
  • The Traveloka Sale-abration is catered for all sorts of travelers - whether solo travelers, families, group of friends etc. 
  • Flight deals: Compare flight deals across multiple airlines and book the best deal value for your money to your dream destination - whether domestic or international
  • Hotel deals: Traveloka has partnered with a wide variety of hotels across Southeast Asia to bring you exclusive hotel deals you cannot miss available only at Traveloka
Ahh.. online travel fair sounds great to me. I mean you don't have to go to the crowded venue, pushing your way, wasting your time and energy. You can get the best travelling deals in the comfort of your own home, no sweat!

Personally I think Traveloka is just a perfect travelling companion that you'll ever need. Planning trips never been this easy. Why using different apps and websites to book ticket flights and hotel room when you can do it all in one place; Traveloka!

You must be wondering when this Traveloka Sale-abration campaign starts? How to know more about this campaign?

Ahhaa.. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the Traveloka Sale-abration, head over to Traveloka and drop your email—rest assured that you will be one of the first to be notified when the Traveloka Sale-bration begins and also to be in the loop for future travel deals.

So, if you planned to have trips in the near future why don't you give Traveloka a go and get the best deals in town. Have a nice and pleasant trip guys and remember to bring me souvenirs! *wink* Bon voyage!

I zeriously need a vacation! 


I know you got something in mind, c'mon spill it out!

  1. Naisu, wow, dapat iklan ka? Wkwkwkwkw

  2. best! tapi IQ tak boleh travel lagi, tunggu la anak besar dan reti sikit, baru best nak jalan2

  3. Tak pernah pulak guna perkhidmatan traveloka. Lepas ni boleh try =)

  4. best kalau subscribe newsletter dari traveloka nie. hampir tiap2 hari send email ada promotion.

  5. jap nk visit traveloka...plan utk esok...hehehe....thanks for the share...

  6. Kena subcribe untuk dapatkan new feeds terkini dari Traveloka.. ;)

  7. Comel sangat doodle Zyra naik airplane tu

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